My Lipstick Collection + Lip Project

If you’re subscribed to me on YouTube you might have seen my video where I show and swatch my entire lipstick collection. There’s 80-ish lipsticks! I had an idea after that video and thought I’d share it here…

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Watch the video first:

I always tend to go for the same lipsticks, whether I’m playing it safe, or going for the same looks again and again, or I just prefer the lipstick. This means so many lipsticks get unused! So my plan is to use every single one of my lipsticks over the next few months! I want to use a different one every day I wear makeup until I’ve used them all and then after that, do a declutter of the ones I really didn’t want to wear or didn’t like.

Hopefully this will mean that I wear my lipsticks ‘fairly’!

What do you think of my idea? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “My Lipstick Collection + Lip Project

  1. Oh boy! You do have a huge collection of lipsticks. I liked pretty much all the shades and also liked listening to you in the video. Looking forward to watching more from you on YouTube.


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