Happy Planner Update – would I recommend it?

I’ve been Happy-Planning for 3 months now, so I thought I’d let you know how I’m finding it, what I like, don’t like, etcetera!


I’m busy doing blog stuff and filming/editing for youtube every day, so I needed lots of space to record my ‘to do’ list each day. The Happy Planner is huge and has tonnes of room to write whatever I want each day, so that’s been great. It’s bigger than an A5 (which is what my Bullet Journal was) which I think is best for me, as I was struggling to fit everything in my bullet journal weekly spread. I do like having the week in one spread rather than daily pages as I need to see what I’m doing easily, without flipping through pages!


The dashboard system in the Happy Planner is cute. I like the different sections, but I don’t really use the ‘currently…’ section very often. It’s nice having a divider between the months. The monthly spread page is useful to me as well – and would be even more useful to those who have lots of appointments, meetings, etc. I use mine for an instagram schedule!


Despite the positives, there are some negative bits about the planner. I find the pages fall out quite easy from the discs, especially if I’m opening and closing the planner a lot. I also broke one of the discs when I sat on it by accident (and I’m not that heavy) so that’s been a bit annoying when turning pages.

I also feel like I need a planner that has an hourly planning space each day. I think it would make me more productive and things would be neater! I struggle with time management and always end up doing things at the last minute, so a proper time schedule would be beneficial. I’d like a Passion Planner – if anyone knows any UK or EU stockists, let me know!

I’m using my planner every day and using it for its purpose – which is good, obviously! – but I do think I’ll be needing an hourly planner at some point in the near future. Unfortunately I can’t afford the pretty stickers anymore so I am less happy with my planning, but I do recommend the Happy Planner as a fairly inexpensive quality planner.

What do you think of the Happy Planner? Do you have any planner suggestions (that are available in the UK, so no EC or Passion Planners)?


8 thoughts on “Happy Planner Update – would I recommend it?

  1. If you’re looking for a planner with hourly space I know a few people who swear by the Hobonichi planner. It has a yearly overview, monthly calendar pages, a week-at-a-glance page and each daily is divided into hours. Sarena at Studyign uses one. She has a youtube channel and a IG account. Shes on tumblr too.


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