I’ve been wearing bronzer a lot more frequently recently, so I’ve been looking for new affordable ones. When I saw this on TAMBeauty for £6 I couldn’t resist!

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I ♥ Makeup are part of the TAMBeauty umbrella that cover loads of brands, including Makeup Revolution, Makeup Obsession and Freedom. The brand have grown massively since launching and they’re most known for their multiple Chocolate Bar palettes, a few of which are dupes of Too Faced’s palettes.


The packaging of the bronzer is a miniature version of its palette sisters and is gold and brown in colour, which personally I LOVE. It’s so cute and small compared to the palette, but you get a fairly decent pan size of each product still. These came under fire recently when they were accused of copying Kylighters, but these actually came out BEFORE her highlighters, plus the ‘drips’ on each pan are just continuing the melting chocolate theme of the palettes.

The bronzer is a warm brown without being orange on the skin; it suits my pale skin just fine and would work for light to medium skin tones. The highlight is golden is good for most skin tones, but doesn’t quite work for me, as gold highlighters rarely look nice on my pale face! I can make it work but personally I don’t think it suits me that well.


Both the bronzer and highlight blended out well on the skin and ended up looking nice. I think it would work well when I’m on holiday and (hopefully) have a slight tan.

If you want to try this duo for yourself, you can pick it up for £6 on TAMBeauty or Superdrug!



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