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Finally I’m reviewing a palette that isn’t from TAMBeauty! This was a Valentines gift from my dogs (don’t ask) and was £13 on Beauty Bay.

BH Cosmetics is an America-based company, but to the UK they are available on Beauty Bay. BH is a weird mix of their ‘own’ palettes and generic factory palettes (like the 180-colour palettes you see on eBay) but their own stuff is usually a lot better quality. I’ve been eyeing up the Carli Bybel palette for a while!


The Modern Mattes palette is a colourful array of 28 matte shadows, ranging from neutrals to bright rainbow shades. None of the shadows have names, but I don’t really blame them – I definitely couldn’t name 28 shadows in one palette. We see the same sort of thing from Morphe – a big, cheap (ish) palette with no shade names. Some research into it brought about the speculation that Morphe, Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics (and many more) brands are all made in the same factory and Private Labelled, which means they just put their name on it. This is very common and the reason why so many palettes look similar and have the same formulas.

Anyway, let’s swatch!



Most of the shadows are really beautifully pigmented and soft. There are a few chalky, less-pigmented shades (like the grey on the bottom row and the pinky colour on the top) but they are easily buildable and there are only a couple of shades which are less good. I love the turquoise and orange colours and there are enough neutrals that you can do a full natural look or go all-out and do bright eyes.

What do you think? Would you recommend any other BH Cosmetics makeup?



  1. […] The last palette was difficult to choose. I have such a huge number of palettes and I like most of them, but I’m not in love with many! But I think the BH Cosmetics Modern Mattes palette is wonderful. I don’t have many brights (I tend to gravitate towards warm browns and oranges) so this is a refreshing addition and is amazing quality. I have a review of this too! […]


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