PS Contour // Blush + Highlight Kit Review

Welcome to the sixth installment of my Primark Makeup Review series! I can’t believe this is the SIXTH month of the series; time flies. This month we’re testing the contour and blush/highlight kits.


First lets look at the contour kit! This costs just £3 and comes with a decent mirror and sturdy packaging. There’s 3 pans – a darker bronzer (or contour for deep skin), a lighter contour colour and a matte highlight (or even a contour colour for very pale skin).


The swatches are very pigmented but not so much that they don’t blend out. They blend really nicely. The darkest colour is obviously a bit dark for me and the light colour doesn’t really suit me as a highlight or contour, but I do like the middle shade for contouring, especially as it’s cool-toned. There was quite a lot of fallout!


Next is the blush and highlight kit, which is also £3. The palette has the same sturdy packaging and mirror and also has 3 pans – two blushes and a highlight.


The blushes are very pigmented (almost too pigmented; you need a very light hand) and do have quite a lot of fall out. To tone it down a bit I used my powder brush otherwise I’d look very… rosy. The highlight is gold and very pretty, but again has a lot of fall out. It’s quite subtle on the skin but good for an everyday look.

Below is my face with the contour, bronzer, middle blush pan and highlight on! I toned down all of the products (except highlight) to make it wearable. Overall I think these two palettes would be a lot better for darker skintones!


What do you think of the two palettes? Let me know!


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