Guys. I’m having planner problems.

I’m not at planner peace. I’m not happy with my current planning setup at all. I currently use a Happy Planner, bullet journal and a blog and youtube planner (if you want to see the setups for each of these, check them out here, here and here!). I’m fine with my blog planner, but my bujo and planner aren’t working for me.


I need better time management so I think I want an hourly planner rather than just the white space of the HP, but here in the UK we’re fairly limited in our options. I’m thinking about possibly going for a Filofax system as inserts are easy to find.

I was also thinking about a Travellers Notebook so I can combine my planner and collections into one, but I want something B5 size and I don’t know if a TN exists in B5 (at least in the UK).


Or do I go back to a bullet journal, but in a B5 notebook and create the spreads I need? My bujo is so messy and not blog-worthy, so I want to restart that, but will wait until I’ve made a planner decision.

If you have any suggestions, please share! At the moment I’m so unhappy with my planning and it’s affecting my productivity… which really defeats the purpose of the whole idea!

Leave your suggestions in the comments!



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