My flatlays are nowhere near perfect, but I think I have imprved them drastically since I started blogging in August 2016. Here’s how I create them.


  • Natural Light – I take my pictures under a large window. The best lighting is an overcast day – not sunny; just a bit cloudy without being too grey or dark.
  • Plain Background – I either use a plain white background (my desk) or, more commonly, marble. The marble is actual sticky-back vinyl from eBay which I stuck to a piece of foamboard! You could use material, furniture, the floor, paper or a cushion!


  • Interesting Props – I usually go for related props (e.g. a makeup brush with a palette review). I also have aesthetic props like hessian, ribbon and magazines. My blog post about blogging on a budget has a few ideas for flatlay props!
  • Switch It Up – I occasionally switch up the angles of the photos, just to make it interesting. I also try and not overuse the same props consecutively so it doesn’t get ‘samey’.


  • Edit – I use snapseed to edit selfies and free websites (or just the edit tools in the Windows photo app) to edit photos. I up the brightness and make colours pop but keep everything natural-looking. Canva is great for adding text and graphics!
  • Keep It Clean – As well as a plain background, I make sure the picture isn’t too ‘busy’ and everything is placed with purpose. The product you’re showing off (e.g. the palette in a palette review) needs to be the main focus and the props shouldn’t attract more attention.

Any more tips? Comment them below!



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