MUR Flawless 3: Resurrection Palette

Makeup Revolution have knocked it out of the park yet again with the third Flawless palette (or sixth if you count the Matte versions and Beyond Flawless). As soon as I saw it in Superdrug (or you can get it from TAMBeauty) I knew I had to have it! Here’s swatches, review and a demo.

The palette is in the same format as MUR’s other 32 pan palettes, with smallish pans, sturdy packaging and a large mirror. However, unlike the other palettes, the Flawless 3 has a rose gold lid, making it look luxe and on-trend.


This palette consists of 32 eyeshadows – mostly matte, with about a quarter of the palette being shimmers. I was immediately drawn to the warm shadows on the bottom two rows; they remind me of the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. I knew I had to buy it immediately and for £8, it didn’t break the bank either!

As with the previous Flawless palettes, the Flawless 3: Resurrection palette sticks to a pretty neutral colourscheme but dares to be be fashionable and approach the warmer spectrum with oranges, browns and pinks. I like how the palette is mostly mattes; it makes it so much more versatile. Too many shimmers would mean a lot less looks for my personal preferences!



  1. Resurrection: matte white
  2. Rebirth: matte off-white
  3. Contact: matte pale apricot
  4. Revival: matte pale taupe
  5. Renewal: matte gold-mustard
  6. Return: matte warm pink-brown
  7. Restore: matte pink-toned mushroom
  8. Past: matte cool-toned mushroom



  1. New Birth: matte pale peachy pink
  2. Revitalise: pale pink shimmer with silver micro glitters
  3. Recovery: yellow gold shimmer
  4. Regeneration: warm gold with a metallic finish
  5. Reawaken: rose gold with a metallic finish
  6. New Dawn: bronze gold shimmer
  7. Reactivate: pale rose gold with a metallic finish
  8. Comeback: mid-broown with a satin finish



  1. Reappear: matte taupe
  2. Resurgence: matte mid-brown
  3. Triumph: matte rust-brown
  4. Back: matte darker rust-brown
  5. Reincarnation: matte light brown
  6. Time: grey-toned light brown with a satin finish
  7. Recharge: chocolate brown with pink glitters
  8. Reanimation: matte deep taupe 



  1. The: matte lilac
  2. Makeup: matte nude-lilac
  3. Story: matte deep rust-orange
  4. Based: matte red-brown
  5. On: matte magenta
  6. Believing: matte red-pink
  7. In: matte dark chocolate brown
  8. The Renaissance: matte mid-grey

The shadows swatched beautifully! I like the warmness to the palette and the gold theme in the shimmer shadows. They would look more intense if applied with a wet brush too. There are a couple of matte shadows that need building up more than the others but they all look stunning.

I created two looks to show you my favourite shadows in the palette but there are so many you could do! For the first one I used the warm browns and oranges and in the second one I used the magenta and pinks. They blended out so easily and the shimmers I used on my lid were stunning. Overall it’s such an easy-to-work-with, high quality palette which you definitely need to buy!  You can get it from Superdrug for just £8 or as I mentioned before, from TAMBeauty for the same price!

If you want to see me do a demo of this look as well as some live swatches, you can have a watch of my review below:

Let me know what you thought of the palette below! ❤


19 thoughts on “MUR Flawless 3: Resurrection Palette

  1. I been really wanting to get this palette for a while! The colours are absolutely stunning and I cant believe the price! 8 pounds is so cheap for a huge palette like that! I WILL have to pick it up next time I visit Superdrug!!

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