I recently upped my game drastically in terms of makeup storage after a hefty trip to IKEA. I thought I’d share with you my new organisation in my beauty room!


These Copper wire baskets were £20 from eBay. I love how they look – very instagrammable – and they’re the perfect size for holding my palettes. I keep my most-used palettes in them!


My other eyeshadows and palettes are in these drawers. How huge is my dressing table?! It was only £65 too, which is a bargain. I’ve got some decorative items and my acrylic drawers on top. I don’t have a big mirror on the top because I use it as my youtube filming background, but I do have a nice, smaller mirror on my desk.

The acrylic drawers are also from eBay and they contain all my everyday makeup products that I reach for during a normal day. On top is my morning skincare routine!


My makeup brushes have their own little bedside table because they deserve only the best. The pots they are in are from IKEA and Asda!



Finally, my Alex Drawers! These house my makeup, skincare, nails and blog flatlay props. On top I keep my perfumes and random tools, like tweezers and lash glue.

What do you think of my updated beauty room? I’ll be uploading a full tour (including all the drawers) on my youtube channel TOMORROW so make sure you subscribe if you want to catch that!


18 thoughts on “MAKEUP STORAGE – MAY 2017

  1. This is so goals! My makeup storage is so shameful I can’t even begin to tell you. This definitely made me feel like going on a quick Ikea trip sometime soon though.

    Thanks for the inspo.
    Laura xo


  2. The new storage is gorgeous! Love how you’re storing the makeup! I have no room to put my makeup anywhere other than my dresser top so I am limited in space! Would love to see a makeup collection :,)

    Liked by 1 person

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