I’ve decided to do a Q+A at the end of this month, but I NEED YOUR HELP!

Ask your questions in the comments section of this post, in reply to my tweet (follow me here) or snapchat me @hollife and I’ll link your blog/social media if I answer your question in the post (so let me know what you want shouted out)!

Questions can be about my blog, youtube, personal life, experiences, whatever! Anything you want. The only rule is that I need your questions by 24th May.

Leave your questions below, including what you’d like me to shout out!


6 thoughts on “Ask me ANYTHING?!

  1. I think you do quite nice make up but you seem to always use the same colours. Would you consider using a range of colours in future? I would like to see that.


    • my Q+A has already been answered (and the YT Q+A is uploaded too) so I’ll answer here – I posted last night that I always gravitate towards my warm browns/oranges/reds because that’s what suits me and my eye colour but I do want to try out some new colours. I have a few ideas 🙂


  2. What is the 1 item of make up you couldn’t be without? And is there any item that to your mind is a complete waste of time? Thanks x


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