We all know Morphe private-label their products. If you haven't seen the 'dupes' of the most popular Morphe palettes floating around eBay and smaller, boutique makeup sites (like Lick+Lash or Delanci) then you must have been living under a rock with no WiFi. These generic palettes were made in the same factory as Morphe, as … Continue reading £2.99 MORPHE PALETTE?! REVIEW


Makeup application jargon can sometimes sound so technical that you end up confused whether it's an actual makeup term or something that's been made up to just sound intriguing. This series on hollifeblog focuses on defining these terms in the simplest of ways! One of these technical terms is Strobing. You may have seen strobe … Continue reading MAKEUP DICTIONARY: STROBING


Whilst elaborate and intricate festival makeup tutorials float around the internet in the midst of festival season, promising the perfect festival aesthetic for those crucial instagram pics, I sit here thinking to myself, 'who would want to do 90 minutes of makeup in a soggy tent at their favourite festival and, more importantly, who wants to … Continue reading 3 SIMPLE FESTIVAL MAKEUP IDEAS