Makeup application jargon can sometimes sound so technical that you end up confused whether it’s an actual makeup term or something that’s been made up to just sound intriguing. This series on hollifeblog focuses on defining these terms in the simplest of ways!

One of these technical terms is Strobing. You may have seen strobe balms, strobing liquid or strobing cream in your local Boots, but what even is strobing?!


Strobing is about emphasising the natural highlights of your face; accentuating the high points like the cheekbones, above the brows and cupids bow. Rather than just highlighting with powder after doing your normal base and setting routine, strobing is done with liquid, creams or balms.

The opposite of contouring, which is creating shadow to produce a chiseled effect, strobing focuses on a healthy complexion (or faking one, at least). Glowy skin is always on trend! Either dab your strobing product on top of foundation for intense highlight, underneath foundation for a more subtle look, or mix together with primer or foundation for a more lit-from-within all-over glow. You’ll need a flawless, dewy base to go with your glow. Choose a hydrating primer and a dewy or natural finish foundation to look healthy and radiant and set with powder if you need to.


To avoid strobing looking obvious, choose colours that suit your skintone. Porcelain and fair skintones should choose white, lilac/blue, champagne or pale pink-toned creams, medium skintones should go for golds, darker pinks and deeper champagnes and darker skin beauties look beautiful with bronzes, peaches and oranges. Top off your strobe with a powder highlight of the same shade (after setting with your face powder) for a blinding highlight.

drugstore strobe cream

hollife bottom of blog post


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