To me, the seasonal change reflects in my lipstick choices. The warm browns of Autumn get swapped out for cooler berries during winter, which then in turn are swtiched up for nudes and pinks in the spring. As we enter July and can truly admit we are in the midst of summer, I either want something bright or something easy. Here are the five lipsticks I’m opting for this season.

Make-up (1).jpg

I’ve not held back in previous posts about my love for these lip crayons. Primark’s velvet matte formula is absolutely stunning and I can’t not wear them every day. My favourite shades for summer are Uncovered and Nude Beach, which both have pink undertones. They’re so wearable, easy to apply and beautiful on the lips.

Make-up (2)

Summer is the only season I find it acceptable to wear coral lipstick, so I’ve chosen the shade Coral Crush by Dose of Colors as another of my must-haves this time. A bright coral can really put the sunshine into a makeup look and outfit, especially if the rest of the face is fairly neutral, and this lipstick in particular is so pigmented and long-wearing.

Make-up (3)

Summer wouldn’t be summer without copious amounts of lipbalm, so this Elf tinted balm gets chucked in my handbag more often than not. I chose a ‘your lips but better’ shade for barely-there makeup days and this lipbalm keeps my lips hydrated and protected with SPF. It’s not pigmented with a lot of colour, but I wouldn’t want it to be!


This is an exception to my bright-or-easy summer lipstick rule, but this is my current favourite lipstick that I know I will be wearing all summer long. This is the new formula Makeup Revolution matte lipkit in the shade Echelon (it does come with a lipliner but mine has broken). It’s really comfortable on the lips and doesn’t dry them out at all, which is perfect for the heat. TAMBeauty have a variety of lipkits in different shades if you’d like to try them for yourself! (links are affiliated)

Make-up (4)

Finally is a oldie but a goodie – the LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in the shade Bazaar. It’s a darkish pink, and again is really comfortable and long-lasting. It allows me to keep my eyes pretty neutral but still gives my makeup a nice bright splash of colour, which is exactly the look I want in summer.

What are your favourite summer lippies?

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  1. What’s the dose of color formula like? I feel like they have such beautiful shades but I’m very picky when it comes to formulas

    Check out my latest post on the EL foundation, I’d appreciate it 🙂
    Uhreej ⚡️ | uhreej.wordpress.com


  2. I still haven’t managed to find much makeup in Primark but I love the look of those lip crayons, definitely adding then to my to try list as I love how easy the crayon style lip products are so use and just have in your bag. In the summer I mainly wear lip tints and I do love the fresh sugar ones, a pity they’re so expensive though.


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