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Silver glitter might give you mermaid vibes or an itchy eye, but you needn’t be wary of using it if you’re a more casual makeup-wearer. It’s actually very easy to wear, and easy to keep it subtle (or not, if you don’t want to).


SILVER GLITTER makeup looks how to wear silver glitter

This is taken from a festival makeup blog post I did recently and you can easily recreate it by putting glue in a thin line under your brows and patting in the glitter. Keep your makeup simple so it isn’t too overwhelming, and either use a nude lippy to keep the look quite subtle or use something bright for a pop of colour!


Do your usual cut crease eye look with the shadows of your choice and instead of just using an eyeshadow on the lid, top it off with silver glitter. This is an ultra glam look for a night out or an event, but looks stunning! If you didn’t want a whole lid of glitter then just a line of glitter to cut the crease works well too, and is less in-your-face.


This is probably the most daytime-friendly look and very easy to accomplish. Simply place glitter over your usual inner corner highlight for something different and fun but still quite downplayed. Make sure you always use cosmetic grade glitter in all of these glitter looks!


Another subtle look is using glitter all over the lid in a sheer sweep. This might be easier with liquid formulas rather than loose of pressed glitter, and would look very catwalk-inspired if used with a gel shadow topcoat to make the shadow and glitter look ‘wet’. You could either do this on its own or accompanied with eyeshadow for different looks.


SAILOR NEPTUNE ______________________________ @ladybosslashes LASHES IN ✖️LUXE✖️ ____________________________ @glitter_palace GLITTER IN ✖️KHALEESI, NO FACE & HAKU✖️use my exclusive 20% off code "GLITTERPIGGY20" ___________________________ @nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_australia LIQUID SUEDE CREAM LIPSTICK IN ✖️LITTLE DENIM DRESS, JET SET & FOUL MOUTH ✖️ VIVID BRIGHTS IN "VIVID ENVY" ✖️CONTROL FREAK EYEBROW GEL✖️ ___________________________ @sigmabeauty ✖️LINE ACE IN "ENDORSE" & "LEGEND" ____________________________ @3ina ✖️THE CREAM EYESHADOW IN 303✖️ _____________________________ @lagirlcosmetics Pro conceal in shades ✖️CLASSIC IVORY & YELLOW CORRECTOR ✖️ ___________________________ @downundercosmetix Mineral Pigment Eyeshadow in ✖️KING FISHER & EMMAS LORIKEET✖️ ___________________________ @katvondbeauty METTAL MATTE PALETTE IN ✖️NEBULAR, LINEN & MOSS ✖️

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Finally, I thought I’d show you what can be achieved with silver glitter if you wanted to do something absolutely extra. Mermaid and unicorn-inspired makeup is very much in right now and tutorials are all over the internet, and even specific themed makeup can be found by brands such as Primark, so it’s worth looking around if you want to embrace the trend.

How will you be wearing silver glitter?

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