ebay false lashes and ebay brushes

I’ve previously done the Mixed-Up Makeup challenge, but I decided to go one step further and do the Mixed-Up Makeup BRUSH challenge over on my YouTube channel. This is such a fun challenge and I recommend it to everyone, whether or not you have a YouTube channel or not! It would be a great party game for a girly night in, or a fun Live video on Twitter or Facebook.

Mixed Up Makeup Brush Challenge! HOLLIFE on YOUTUBE - Beauty + Lifestyle with Personality ♥

The premise is that you go through your usual makeup routine, but with every step you pick a brush from random (I used an online generator to choose, but you could also pick names out of a hat) and do your makeup with whatever that brush is. I ended up doing my highlight with a Spoolie!

If you enjoyed the video, please subscribe! What did you think of the video? Let me know on YouTube!


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