it’s pronounced holl-ee-fay

Welcome to my blog, a collection of beauty, lifestyle and personal posts which make up who I am as a person. I love writing and creating and so have made a very happy home here at and I hope you enjoy your visit.

I RECENTLY REVAMPED MY BLOG, starting with this very ‘About’ section you’re currently reading. I wasn’t happy with my feelings towards blogging and, as we know, change is good, so I decided to approach blogging in a different way. I turned to my monthly glossy magazines in hope for inspiration and, well, I found it. I want my blog to feel more editorial and professional whilst still retaining my personality throughout the words and themes.

I DO POST QUITE A MIX OF TOPICS. It’s mainly makeup-related, as that’s where my primary joy resides, but I also write about skincare, organisation, society, popular culture and, of course, myself and my experiences. People are multi-dimensional just as their blogs are so to stick to just one topic would not be a true representation of who I am.

cropped-img_20170419_225153_662SO, WHO AM I? Well, I’m Holly, I’m 22 and I live with my husband, Chris, our two snakes, Hazel and Sebastian, two kittens, Percy and Eleanor, and two Guinea Pigs, Corn Cob and Sweet Pea. We’re in the North-West of England but I’m originally from the South-East, near Brighton. I’ve dropped out of university twice, have an obsession with makeup, read books in minutes, keep very organised and have a phobia of Spiders. I would say I’m fairly anxious, but quite funny (to me, anyway), bubbly and chilled-out.

I ALSO HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNELย if you yt channy.PNGprefer to watch rather than read (sorry, therefore, for the lengthy ‘About’ section), or if you want to do both. You can find my videos on various places: scattered throughout my blog, in posts of their own, in the RSS feed in the blog’s sidebar and finally on (there’s a direct link in the main menu). If you enjoy casual beauty, challenges, vlogs, lifestyle and other bits and pieces with personality you should check it out and definitely subscribe.

13620095_691166687701081_2187444118453408470_nIF YOU WANT TO FOLLOW ME ELSEWHERE, I have Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Stumbleupon. I aim to keep each account updated every day at least once a day and I love to engage with followers so make sure you’re following and let me know when/if you are! I might even follow you back if you ask nicely, so make sure you leave me a comment/snap me/tweet me and I’ll see what I can do.

FOR INQUIRIES, either business (I am PR-friendly) or personal, you can use the ‘Contact Me’ link in the main menu of the blog, or drop me a line at, even if it’s just for a natter or a quick question.

Thanks so much for reading; I hope you enjoy your visit!

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