There are no real right and wrongs in blogging, but there are mistakes to grow and learn from. Some see mistakes as a rite of passage, but for new bloggers who are wanting to avoid rather than embrace them, here's what you can do. NO PROMOTION You post a new blog post. You're proud of … Continue reading COMMON BLOGGER MISTAKES AND HOW TO AVOID THEM

Blogging on a Budget – Tips + Advice

Blogging, whilst it can be done completely freely, can easily become an expensive hobby or endeavour. However, it needn't be (especially if you have a tight budget like me). Here are my tips for blogging on a budget. use natural daylight for lighting create lightboxes using cardboard boxes and white sheets or paper and a … Continue reading Blogging on a Budget – Tips + Advice

happyhollife is now hollifeblog!

You may have noticed the name change today, you may not, but I thought I should let you know that happyhollife is now hollifeblog. Same content, same everything, just a slight name change. I wanted it to tie in with my YouTube channel more and I'm preparing to create, so I thought I'd ease … Continue reading happyhollife is now hollifeblog!