Happy Valentine's Day! I found this tag floating around the 'net and thought it would be fun to answer, especially as I haven't done a tag post in what seems like forever! What is your favourite Valentine's Day treat? I would appreciate some Maltesers! Sweethearts or Chocolate-covered Strawberries? Strawbs, for sure. I actually really love … Continue reading THE VALENTINE’S DAY TAG

full face with only one palette!

Yep. My whole face (excluding mascara, foundation and concealer) with one eyeshadow palette. That's eyebrows, eyeshadow, contour, blush, highlight, bronzer and lipstick with one palette. How did I do? You'll just have to find out! The palette I used was the Light & Shade palette by Makeup Revolution. I've reviewed this palette before, here, and … Continue reading full face with only one palette!

the autumn tag & why autumn is the best

Who doesn't love autumn? Autumn is my favourite season - always has been - and not just because my birthday is in it (it's tomorrow, btw). Well, I'm sure that there ARE people who don't like Autumn. This post is aimed at you, weirdos. Here's some SOLID HARD EVIDENCE that Autumn is the best. Also, … Continue reading the autumn tag & why autumn is the best