Keeping your passwords safe and secure whilst still remembering them is no mean feat, especially since writing them down can be a security risk. Instead of keeping your passwords simple and the same for everything, try these methods for coding passwords in your planner, notebook, bullet journal (or wherever), or try my methods for remembering … Continue reading HOW TO: HIDE & REMEMBER PASSWORDS


It's undoubtedly Spring now (finally, some sun!) and so it's time for a spring clean. Here's my guide on how to spring clean more than just your house! delete unused photos from your wordpress media library (go to your dashboard, which you can access at and click 'media'. Then filter by 'unattached' and delete … Continue reading SPRING CLEAN YOUR WHOLE LIFE

how to be more organised

If you're anything like me, then you need some sort of structure to your life in order to stop the pesky procrastination fairies (they're a thing, honest) from ruining your day. Here's my sort-of-guide to becoming more organised! Keep a diary Not a 'dear diary...' kind of thing, but a diary/planner/notebook with lists - whatever works … Continue reading how to be more organised